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Not so long ago in a place not to far away there was a group of kids who had a very CHAOTIC WEEKEND! It all started on one very dark cold winters night when a group of kids called the New zealand performance choir had the dreaded FOYER CONCERT!!! They sung a song for a while and then… all of a sudden a big electrical failure aroze. The kids were so stunned they kept Singing! 😮 when that Foyer Concert was over it was time for the FESTIVAL OF MUSIC CONCERT!!! Kids from all over south australia came to adelaide to perform a bunch of songs! It was a BIG commitment anyway they sung their songs and that went perfectly fine. When that was over a group of kids called the PEDAL PRIX TEAM went down to a place were it was hot and windy and dusty where they were racing in one small bike for the South Australian Pedal Prix Championships!!! they race for 24 long hours and there were alot of blood, sweat and tears. But when it came to the end they came 10th out of 82. That is the story of THE DREADED CHAOTIC WEEKEND!!!

Sorry for the weired story I was just really bored 🙂


This is my facourite song at the moment it would usually have bad words but I chose the clean version for my sake. any way it is by Kanye West and Jay-Z and it is called Otis. Please enjoy. I have added lyrics so you can RAP along!!!

[Otis Redding]
It makes it easier, easier to bear
You won’t regret it, no, no
No, girl they won’t forget it
Love is their home
Happiness yeah
Sq-sq-sq-sq-sq-squeeze her, don’t tease her
Never leave her…

Sounds so soulful don’t you agree

I invented swag
Poppin’ bottles, puttin’ supermodels in the cab, proof
I guess I got my swagger back, truth
New watch alert, Hublot’s
Or the big face Rollie I got two of those
Arm out the window through the city I maneuver slow
Card back, snap back
See my cut through the holes

[Kanye West]
Damn Yeezy and Hov,
Where the hell ya been?
see they talkin real reckless: stuntmen
I adopted these people, Phillip Drummond ‘em
Now I’m bout to make them tuck they whole summer in
They say I’m crazy, well, I’m ’bout to go dumb again
They aint see me cause I pulled up in my other Benz
Last week I was in my other other Benz
Throw your diamonds up cause we in this thing another ‘gain

Photo shoot fresh, looking like wealth
I’m ’bout to call the paparazzi on myself
Uh, live from the Mercer
Run up on Yeezy the wrong way, I might murk ya
Flee in the G450 I might surface
Political refugee, asylum can be purchased
Uh, everythings for sale, I got 5 passports
I’m never going to jail

[Kanye West]
I made “Jesus Walks” I’m never going to hell
Couture level flow, it’s never going on sale
Luxury rap, the Hermes of verses
Sophisticated ignorance, write my curses in cursive
I get it custom, you a customer
You ain’t ‘customed to going through Customs, you ain’t been nowhere, huh?
And all the ladies in the house, got ‘em showing off
I’m done, I hit ya up mana-naaaa!

Welcome to Havana
Smoking cubanos with Castro in cabanas
Viva Mexico, Cubano
Dominicano, all the plugs that I know
Driving Benzes, wit’ no benefits
Not bad huh? For some immigrants
Build your fences, we diggin’ tunnels
Can’t you see? We gettin’ money up under you

Can’t you see the private jets flyin’ over you?
Maybach bumper sticker read “What would Hova do?”
Jay is chillin’, ‘Ye is chillin’
What more can I say? We killin’ ‘em
Hold up, before we end this campaign
As you can see, we done bodied the damn lames
Lord, please let them accept the things they can’t change
And pray that all of their pain be champagne.

The 100 word challenge

In the town of Lobby there was 34 little girls and boys they were all part of the junior Lobby choir. When they went into the battle of the bands they won every time. Once a boy fainted and fell on everybody he went to the hospital he was there for an hour. The choir got into the finals without him but the song they were going to sing in the finals they had planned that he was going to be the soloist. He came back in time and sang and everyone clapped and cheered apart from the other bands.

100 word challenge!

Last term we looked at the 100 word challenge run by Mrs Skinner in the UK. My teacher thought that we could have a go at this week’s 100 word challenge. The challenge itself and the link to add your blog entry is here:

The prompt is :
Everyone clapped and cheered apart from…..

As usual, you have 100 words to write a CREATIVE piece that makes sense. Think about the words you use and make everyone of them count! Please try to visit each others blogs and leave some helpful comments.

Persuasive Writing

for the past term we have been working on persuasive writing and we wrote an argument to support something called a Thesis here is mine


Persuasive Text: Should animals be kept in cages at zoos?

Connor Beaty  Room 13

It is my belief that animals should not be kept locked up in cages at zoos. Some people might say that keeping animals in zoos keeps them safe and saves endangered species from extinction. However the cruelty of keeping an untamed, amazing, wild animal in such a confined space overtakes what these people say is good. I will show that keeping animals locked up in cages at zoos does not save endangered species, stops them from ever knowing what a free life feels like and mating in captivity does not work well.

Firstly, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature only 120 endangered species out of 5,926 are part of international breeding programs in zoos. This means that 5,806 endangered species are left to fend for themselves. This says that zoos do not do much at all to save endangered species. Of the 120 breeding programs running, many do not work very well and I talk about this later in my third argument. If I was an animal in a cage at a zoo because I was endangered, would I know that I am endangered and that it’s for my own benefit?

Secondly, keeping animals locked up in zoos keeps them from ever having the experience of living free including hunting and playing around. They also are captive, bored, cramped, lonely and have been stripped of control of their natural life. They are stared at all day, every day by people and the flashing of cameras scares them.  They are often expected to perform for people. They usually are taken from a different part of the world, so obviously a different habitat and climate. Sometimes climate change can be dramatic in such ways as death, for example the Polar Bear. The Polar Bear comes from sub-zero degrees Celsius, then moved over here to up to 41 degrees Celsius days. It would be a dramatic change.

Thirdly, mating in captivity is very difficult to achieve. Mating animals in such an artificial environment means that zoo vets have to play around with nature. A close example of this is the Adelaide pandas Wang Wang and Funi. It was reported on the Adelaide radio news, 8thof April, 2011, that female pandas can only fall pregnant on a particular three days every year. Because Wang Wang and Funi are in captivity and often kept in separate cages, zoo vets have to get exactly right the days they put them together to mate. If they get it wrong the zoo vets have to wait a whole year. In the wild this would happen naturally. If successful breeding occurs the young animals are often tamer with human scent on them, making it less likely that they will survive if released into the wild.

Therefore it is my belief that animals should not be locked up in zoos because zoos don’t save many endangered species from extinction and because keeping the animals in cages is very cruel and because artificial breeding programs in zoos do nothing good to the animals or the species. Money would be better spent on wild animal conservation parks, stopping illegal poaching and educating people about wild life conservation.    



Cheers Connor

Whats going on with the Earth???

Whats going on with the earth?

Have a count of how many recent natural disasters that have happened. The answer is 5 that has happened in the last three months! Now you cant tell me that isn’t a lot cause it is. Please comment and tell me how you feel about this or what you think is happening. It should be interesting what different people say.

Cheers Connor


Hi everyone

For the past couple of weeks me and my classmates have been have been doing some dancing for something called Come Out 2011. what we did was we got the boys to ask the girls if they would dance with them and because there are 9 boys including me and 20 girls the girls that didn’t get asked paired with another girl. I am with a girl called Millie and we are doing really well. We have learnt how to do the basic steps, the seperation, the juming move, the spin, the 2 hand spin and do them all together.

Cheers Connor

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog. This is the first time I have had a blog so I am quite new to this and it will be appreciated if you could give me some help and support. I am exited to hear your comments and think that blogging is a great way to share things I have done. I will be putting posts on regularly and hope that you can put a comment on. 

cheers Connor.